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Postpartum Lactation Consult- Newborn

$225 (2-3 HR plus follow up)

This includes a consultation in your own home (2-3 hr) to assess latch, positioning, and screen for tongue ties. Text/email support and a follow up visit, if required, are included. During the visit the lactation counsellor will gain understanding of the issue, create a treatment plan, and discuss breastfeeding goals.

Postpartum Lactation Consult- 3 mo. +

$75 (1.5 HR)

This consultation is for the breastfeeding troubles that can arise after the newborn stage. This can include maternal issues such as supply or painful nipples and baby issues such as biting the nipple or refusing to breastfeed.

Antenatal/Prenatal Consultation

$55 (1 HR)

A mini session for you and your partner. Before baby arrives we will discuss the basic anatomy and physiology of the breast, the mechanisms of lactation, and how to give mother and baby the best start in breastfeeding.

* Certified Lactation Counselling services are often claimable through private health care.

August 2017

I was having trouble with nursing, seen many lactation consultants in Saskatoon (where I am from) but when Ashley offered to do a FaceTime consult with me she was extremely helpful and very patient. She taught me tricks &things that the other ladies didn't. I would absolutely recommend her!!


Saskatoon, SK

August 2017

Ashley was compassionate and knowledgeable. She listened to my concerns and fears, answered my questions and offered the reasurrance I so desperately needed.


Sherwood Park, AB

August 2017


Ashley is very approachable and knowledgeable in this field. When there was further information that we both needed, she didn't hesitate to seek out the resources to better educate both of us. She's supportive throughout the entire journey of breastfeeding and exclusive pumping; always asking how I felt about the changes or suggestions that were offered. She's a mom of two who breastfed so she knows the challenges and thought process of mom's alike.


Sherwood Park, AB

August 2017

Ashley was fantastic at easing my mind regarding the actual facts around milk depletion and what causes it. Had I not spoken to her directly and just listened to google I'd be one very worried first time mom. She was quick to respond and answered all my questions with knowledge, care and concern! Thanks Ashley!


Sherwood Park, AB

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